5 Tips to Use HCG Diet Drops

5 Tips to Use HCG Diet Drops

Obesity is one of the leading preventable causes of mortality worldwide. It is a social problem in many parts of the world. Obesity leads to many harmful medical conditions like diabetes.

Today many genuine experts, and people who call themselves experts, offer solutions for obesity. It is very important to choose a safe and effective solution. HCG Diet Drops is one such solution for obesity.

HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It is a hormone that is produced by the placenta in pregnant women. It is designed by nature to break down fat in pregnant women and to preserve lean muscle in order to protect the developing fetus. HCG diet drops are found to be effective. In fact many HCG dieters report an average loss of one to two pounds per day.

HCG is not like any other crash diet. One major advantage of HCG over many other diet plans is that your body will not regain weight. Another advantage is that HCG products use a naturally produced hormone in the body. HCG also reduces feelings of hunger.

Here are five helpful HCG diet tips.

1.Do not use sugar. It is not easy for people with a “sweet tooth”. It is a challenge. Use stevia instead of sugar. Stevia provides a sweet taste and also helps you to adhere to HCG diet.

2.It is always advisable to maintain a food journal. The journal should ideally contain the details of what you eat. It helps you to keep track of your intake and also motivates you to reach your goal. It helps you to eat a variety of foods. Record your progress. It is important to monitor your progress daily. It is highly motivating.

3.It is very important to keep yourself motivated while on HCG diet. This is because dieting may result in a drop in serotonin levels in the brain. This usually causes sadness. You need to be aware of this while on HCG diet. You may use a serotonin boosting supplement.

4.Drink plenty of water during the day. Water is essential for people on HCG diet. While on HCG diet your body gets rid of various fats, chemicals and sugars. These have to be removed from the body. That is the reason why drinking plenty of water is very important.

5.Connect with likeminded people.HCG diet drops have worked for many people worldwide. You will find many HCG forums. It is advisable to be a part of these forums. Share your thoughts on these forums with other HCG dieters. It is sure to be a motivating experience. Use resources offered by reputed websites like you will find useful information about HCG and also the best quality and most effective HCG products.

It is very important to purchase your HCG diet drops from a reputed vendor. Ensure that the product is of high quality. Read reviews of the product before buying. Visit your doctor before following the HCG diet plan.

If you implement the above-mentioned tips while on HCG diet, weight loss will be safe, effective and rapid.

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