Quick weight loss diets: I Love This Diet

Quick weight loss diets: I Love This Diet

Obesity means having too much fat in the body. An obese person is more likely to be affected by dangerous medical conditions like diabetes. Obese people are seeking quick weight loss diets in an endeavor to shed fat.

Many weight loss diet plans have emerged to cater to this huge demand. I Love This Diet is one among quick weight loss diets. It is simple and easy to understand and is centered on Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choice, Smart One frozen meals, fresh fruits, vegetables and low fat dairy products.

I Love This Diet weight loss program is designed by an expert dietitian. It has adequate nutrition and promises weight loss of one to two pounds every week. To achieve this goal this diet has to be adhered to exclusively.

As per the program your daily calorie allowance is based on your current weight. As you lose weight, your calorie intake changes. The diet plan comprises one light breakfast, one frozen meal for lunch and another frozen meal for dinner.

Meals contain plenty of vegetables. At lease three non-starchy vegetables are included. You can prepare your own meal from the scratch. It is fun. You can choose from many recipes (under 300 calories) when ever you don’t feel like eating frozen meals.

You need to consume three servings of fruit every day along with two cups of non-fat milk or other non-fat dairy product. You may also choose from a variety of treats, but only one per day. You can opt for ice creams, pop corns, cakes or cookies, but they need to be less than 100 calories.

Alcohol is not recommended as it is high in calories. The plan suggests that you take multivitamin and 1200 mg fish oil. This is to ensure that your body is receiving all the essential nutrients.

Vegetables, whole grains, tofu, fruits, non-fat yogurt, Lean Cuisine and Healthy Choice frozen meals, coffee, baked potato chips, cottage cheese, Slim Fast shakes, skimmed milk, low calorie salad dressing, tea, egg whites, light peanut butter, microwave pop corn, Weight Watcher’s ice cream bar, diet soda and Splenda are some foods which are recommended by the plan.

Exercise will definitely help you to lose weight and to strengthen your body, but exercise is not necessary for weight loss with this diet program. I love this diet weight loss plan is ideal for people with busy lifestyle. It may not be suitable for physically active people and vegans.

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