Weight loss diet plan: Weight loss diets by Bistro M.D.

One of the secrets of good health and general well being is to stay slim. There is a growing awareness of this fact worldwide. This has resulted in a huge demand for weight loss diets. A weight loss diet plan should reduce your weight gradually, keeping your health intact.

Many weight loss diet plans are offered by experts. Bistro M.D. is a diet food delivery company in the United States of America. It weight loss diet plan meals are approved by certified doctors.

Meal plans offered by Bistro M.D. are high in protein and low in carbohydrates, averaging around 1200 a day. You may choose from four levels of service based on your lifestyle and needs. Prices are reasonable.

First option offers seven days worth of food. It includes two snacks a day. A dinner is eliminated so that you can eat out or prepare your own. Second option is the same as the first option, but does not include snacks.

Option three offers five days worth of food including two snacks per day. Option four is same as option three, but does not include snacks. Meals are usually delivered via FedEx. The foods are frozen with dry ice in an insulated cardboard box. All meals have clear labels, with ingredients and nutritional information.

Sample breakfast may include protein bagel served with cream cheese. Morning snack comprises pineapple and orange low calorie high protein shake. Lunch may include whole wheat penne pasta served with vodka sauce; and mixed vegetable.

BBQ Crunch O’s for afternoon snacks. Dinner may include chicken cordon blue, classic French chicken stuffed with savory ham and low fat cheese. Dinner also includes brown rice, mixed vegetables and a side of haricots verts.

The food is prepared using microwave or hot water bath. Meals can be re-heated in the microwave. Only vacuum sealed items should be heated using the hot water bath method. It is advisable to defrost the food before using the microwave.

Spinach and Feta stuffed chicken breast, and port tenderloin with apple cider sauce are well flavored and tasty. Side dishes are fresh and tasty. Some customers were not happy with The Count of Monte Cristo Sandwich butternut squash puree.

Bistro M.D. is endorsed by experts like Dr Phil. The weight loss diet plan has helped many overweight people who have participated in his show. It is also endorsed by Jillian Michaels.

If you are really serious about reducing your weight, and are finding it difficulty controlling portion size and counting calories, you may go for weight loss diet plan offered by Bistro M.D.

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