Weight loss diets: A quick review of Diet to Go

Weight loss diets: A quick review of Diet to Go

More than one-third of the adults in the United States (35.7 percent) are obese. Obese people are more likely to be affected by harmful diseases like diabetes and cancer. A well-planned diet is the best way to reduce weight. Experts worldwide have recommended many weight loss diets.

Diet to Go, a popular diet delivery service in the US, offers three popular dieting options: Traditional (low fat), Vegetarian and Low Carb. The Traditional and Vegetarian options are available in 1600 and 1200 calories per day levels for men and women respectively.

The Low Carb option is 1300 calories per day. Some of Diet to Go’s diet plans satisfy the requirements of the American Diabetes Association. Diet to Go has been rated #1 by

Weight loss diets menus of Diet to Go, which are designed by expert dietitians, are available online. You can get your free diet analysis on their website. Dieters can organize their meals accordingly. The meal ingredient lists are long.

For breakfast you can opt for chicken sausage pizza, egg, vegetables and apple juice; BBQ Turkey melts, peach salsa and cole slaw for lunch; and Turkey burger, mash potatoes, green beans and gravy for dinner. This is just an example. Fresh fruit and yogurt is also part of the weight loss diets menu.

The food is well packaged and the company is well-known for its on time delivery. The meals are organized in separate vacuum packed trays. You have both microwave and conventional over heating directions.

The meals are tasty and the quantity of food is adequate. They are well-flavored and well-seasoned. The texture and taste is definitely better than that of the usual frozen diet meal you find in grocery stores. However some items contain preservatives and partially hydrogenated oils.

Diet options cater to different lifestyles. Some of their customers have lost more than 20 pounds. They believe in providing nutritionally balanced, freshly prepared, real food, that promotes weight loss, better health and a sense of general well-being. Being a customer of Diet to Go is like having your own personal chef.

Diet to Go undertakes home delivery throughout the US. The company also has pick up locations in Baltimore, DC , San Francisco and Philadelphia. Diet to Go diet options are among high quality weight loss diets and are ideal for those who don’t have the time or expertise to cook healthy meals for themselves. You get nourishing food for reasonable price.

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