You Are Not Hungry! You Are Dehydrated and Lacking in Nutrition

When the body is nutrient deficient the signals show up as ” I am hungry“… You are not hungry! You are dehydrated and lacking in nutrition.

In fact, drink a pint of water right now, and squeeze half a lemon into it while you are at it. I don’t care if you just had one ten minutes ago, have another, because really how many alcoholic drinks might you drink on a night out. Now sit up in your chair and take a few deep diaphragmatic breaths, feeling great!

Most people when they start juicing mainly juice fruits. I say, eat your fruits and juice your vegetables.

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Enjoy some strawberry water

Eat your fruits and juice your vegetables.

Use carrots as your sweetener and start off with two thirds carrot

juice and one third green juice, which could be Cucumber, Celery, Broccoli, Cabbage, Spinach or a mixture of these which are all highly alkaline.

Through time you can slowly switch to two-thirds green juice, and one third carrot. An alternative to carrot is apple for juice drinks, and apples are the only fruit that I would advise to mix with vegetables for juice drinks. As a treat what is really great is four apples, one pineapple, and half a lemon all juiced together.

If you have a high performance juicer, then you can put the pineapple in with the skin, which is really good for you. Doing this with other juicers will blunt the blades. If you are using organic lemons then juice the skin as well, as this is also really good for you. Non-organic lemons, will have been sprayed with chemicals, and therefore should be peeled.

While we are on the subject of Organic, an organic tomato has roughly 2000 times more Iron in it than a non-organic tomato. Organic food is more expensive, and you are really getting your money’s worth. So when you have the choice, buy it!

The optimum time to drink veggie-juice drinks is on an empty stomach, so first thing in the morning and before meals is best. If you are drinking them after you have eaten, than they are losing some of the effects, by being absorbed into the food and they can produce an unhealthy reaction with certain foods.

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